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Good to see you back! I hope the wedding went well and you are over the honneymoon alright with no broken back!!!! Anyway i dont want to start on a bad note but what happened at Donegal Celtic last night?? losing 2-0 is a bit worrying.There was very little support for the team and their performance seemed a bit disjointed. A number of new faces too!!!
Paul, Belfast

weve signed ian young and greame arthur 2 as well as a glentoran reserve who scored over 40 last season!! things cud be looking good this year, wot yas think??
jonny, Newry

This is conor and mark! two of the towns biggest fans. we didnt miss a home game in the entire 2001/02 season. we are hoping that newry can pick up some silverware this year as we have one of the best managers and one of the best teams. looking forward to seeing all of the rest of our crazy army of singing fans at the beggining of next season. go on the town! townies til we die.
Hooligan Army, Newry

We've signed Brian Russell from Glentoran and Stuart Addis to replace O'Hare. We need more signatures, also get rid of the rest of the dead wood at the Showgrounds.
Sean, Newry

Dykes is away to the Eircom league....
Sean, Newry

I do not know if anyone can help. My Grandad was a centre forward for Newry during the 30's. He was called Fred Dennett. I have some old press cuttings that I could e mail you if you would like to see them. in turn i would be grateful if you have any old newry info that includes him. ie programmes etc. I hope that you can help me as I would love to know more about him. thanks
Wayne Dennett, Lincoln, England

Nope Straney has signed for Portadown I think. On other news, Gavin Dykes might be on the move to Glenavon. Apparently they've offered him a lot more money.
Sean, Newry

Stranney's on his way back!!

Finally the club have a chance of finishing high up in the league table after Davy O'Hare left the club. Decky O'Grady has been superb for the reserves this year so we should give him his chance in goals. In the summer newry needed to buy two wingers and a target man up front. Please could someone tell me what fixtures the town have got lined up for the summer. Please.
Neil, Newry Town

well done jonny and ever visit belleek's website? here's the address

I can't see anything but relegation next season.
Sean, Newry

Davy O'Hare has today signed for Coleraine. Another thing, I read somewhere on the page that here at Coleraine we have little funding. That's wrong, we've the highest wage bill in the league and Quinn and his players have under-achieved this season. Fourth place in the league is not good enough for us. Anyway good luck to Newry next season and make sure and take a few points off the Ports and the Belfast lot so we can win the league!
Greg, Coleraine

Stephen, once again your stupidity and ignorance astounds me. Portadown, lack of funding, What do you think Vinny Arkins gets paid in? Tayto crisps. Many of the players they have, Newry were in for but could not afford their excessive wage demands, like Peter McCann. Portadown have spent heavily this season. They have been lucky not to have had any serious injuries and played with a small core squad of very well played players. 

Well Ronan, Other clubs such a portadown and colraine to name two have done well this season without that much funding! I dont expect us to be winning the league but a top 5 finish would be nice! and if it isn't to much trouble it would be nice to win the lowly mid-ulster cup! In irish leauge football funding may play a small part of things, but to get the three points you need a manager that motivates the players and i dont think alfie wylie does this!  
Stephen, Newry

I would also like to remind people Stephen of the point that I made after you made yours.After trying to educate you by suggesting a few logical explanitations for the short comings of the Club this year, principly due to the lack of revenue, I came to the conclusion that you were a ****** and that remains the case!! Well was I right?
Ronan McGrath, Newry City

I would just like to remind people of the points i made at the start of the season! I said that Newry would win nothing, and finish lower than they did the season before, with Alfie as manager. Well was I right or what?
Stephen, Newry

Hi I've been working on a World Cup 2002 Prediction League for Irish League Fans. Register now at
Marcus, Carrick

Of the first team, I would keep Casey, Dykes, Anderson, Byrne, Fulton and O'Hare. Get rid of the rest. Bring John Joe, Seamus Kane and David Martin into the first team. Buy a good midfielder and top striker (Mark Holland of Distillery). Portadown only had a few players at the start of the season and look what happened them. Also put Robbie Casey in cotton wool and put him in an oxygen tank between games to make sure he doesn't get injured.
Mac, Newry City

If that fella Neill is a supporter of Newry Town what is he left with when he gets rid of the chairman, players and manager? Get real. Its a small club at the end of the day and we need to give whatever support to the club that we can. Im sure the chairman has more things to do with his money the players better things to do with their time and the manager better places to be at than a freezing cold Showgrounds in the Winter.Its easy to forget the sacrifices each are making while most people just moan from the sidelines (me included). get on with next season and get behind the team!!!!!!!
Pauk, Belfast

How about a link to the Official sponsor -  
Sean, Newry

As the end of another dull and trophyless season draws to an end, then i think there show be a major clearout at the club both at boardroom level and also players and management. During the whole season there has been only about five players who have given a toss about the club and these are Lee Anderson, Robert Casey, Gavin Dykes, Seamus Kane and Raymond Byrne. These five players should all be offered new contracts and the club should release most of the present squad and give Newry lads a chance to impress, also try to mix youth with a bit of experience. We need to sign at least two more players on the bosman rule from across the channel like Lee Feeney, whos contract at Rangers is up, and perhaps we need a centre midfielder from one of the clubs who have dropped into the third division. At management level i feel the club must bring back a man who loves this club in former manager Ollie Ralph and perhaps his assistant could be Gavin Dykes because Alfie does not have the confidence of his players and fans and so should leave the club before the end of the seson. At boardroom level we have a chairman who does not seem to give a toss about the way the club goes, i plead with the rest of the directors to vote "no confidence" at the next board meeting. One match left of a shocking season and so lets get this match over and done with and then build for next year with three major changes of a new chairman, new playing staff and a new manager.
Neil, Newry Town

Did Anthony Shelvin not kick the Match Ball into the Water Treatment Works? So Alfie is looking for a striker......Michael Owen would look poor in the present team......we need a creative mid-fielder and where are we going to get another Dean Fitzgerald? Has anyone returned the ball yet? Three questions any answers?
Jordi, Newtownabbey
Ed. I asked Oliver to take care of raffling the match ball at some fundraiser he is organising - I must remind him about it !

talking of good web sites try for a fantasy league based site. its best if you start up a private league with some friends. all the instructions are on the site. might be too late to start this season but i recommend it for next!! maybe i will set up a league for members of the newry fc fan club!! will i ask alfie to join or will you???
Paul, Newry

Want to predict scores for the world Cup? Visit and sign up for free. Thw winner gets a football jersey of their choice.
Sean, Newry

Rony McGrath spend money ha... when hell freezes over! Any i'm all of you's will join me in praying for a City victory on saturday, trust me we need it!
Skills, Newry City

What will the announcer read? Match ball sponsor:
Sean, Newry
Ed. I hadn't actually thought of that but I have always thought of the website as belonging to the fans so maybe something along the lines of 'Newry Fans through their website' ? I'm open to suggestions though !

well i volunteer the final tenner so that should be enough. by the way i read in the paper at the weekend that alfie may not see next season as manager and ollie ralph might be on the way back! any truth??
Paul McIvor Farrell Solicitors, Belfast
Ed. It'll be bad to let Alfie go alright ! £50 for the match ball - send your cheques to jonny 34 Killeavy Road, Newry Bt35 6ET and I'll give Oliver another ring

I'LL GIVE £10.
Ronan McGrath, Newry City
Ed. Thats £40 to date then

So far we have 30 quid then, Jonny's 20 and my 10. Anyone else going to donate anything? What about Paul Mc Conville - would he donate anything for the Newry Democrat? 
Sean, Newry
Ed. Much as I would like to see it for the club I doubt it Sean. Paul pledged a few quid the last time for the drum but never came through. If you are reading Paul you know I am prepared to plug you and the paper as much as possible - especially when the site is redesigned and improved over the summer Thanks to McIvor Farrell Solicitors

Why are we still playing Webb, Arthur and Ward up front when they're all clearly not going to score many and they aren't proud to wear the jersey. Why isn't John Joe being picked? Whenever he plays he's proud to don the jersey and always gives it his best. What about The Reserve team player's Alfie said he was going to give a chance? I haven't seen much evidence of this so far.
Sean, Newry

i think the money involved would be about £50 and you could get the players to sign it and then raffle it to make more money at the next home game.
Paul, Belfast
Ed. I tried ringing Oliver and left a message, assuming that it is about 50 quid I'll start the fund with £20 (I'm feeling bad as I have missed a lot of matches what with organising this wedding !)

With only 1 home game remaining I think we at the Social club should team up to be the match ball sponsor for a match. It would mean much needed money for the club and good advertising for the Website. How much is it to be the Match ball sponsor?
Sean, Newry
Ed. I don't have Oliver's number and I suppose he would be the one to ask. If anyone knows his number I'll ring him, email me here

well mornin all, im here in spain an just wanted to say hello to the town,,, or should i say city?? its great to be in contact with home via the net!! to hell with sport, just tell me the craic!!!
ulster60, Spain

Barcroft Babe, Newry City

How the **** can you get beat by a team bottom of the league. The whole team performance was shocking, right from Davy"Pie"O'Hare to Raymond"can't score"Byrne and G"Small-fry"Arthur. One player who played well was Sean Cleary. After last nights performance Glen Doweney, Jonney Topley and Mark Webb should all be kicked out now before the start of the new season and yes that includes Alfie Whylie
Neil, Newry

We really do contribute to our own downfall! Gift Ards three goals and fail to convert any of three one on ones. Its time for Robbie Casey to go back into midfield which is the root of our problems.  
Jordi, Newtownabbey

I agree with the previous comments about the sectarian comments on the site and am reminded of what an old republican once said to me about not taking our standards from the British Army or for that matter narrow minded loyalists. More of the football and less of the bollocks!!  
Paul, Belfast

Why was the game called off so late on Friday? People had travelled various distances to be there. Apparently the teams were happy to play. The ref arrived at 7.10 and made his decision. But the Irish league isn't a laughing stock. And Hiles is a great ref, worthy of international status. Yeah right 
Jimmy, Newry
Ed. I was a bit peeved myself. I can only assume the pitch was in a bad state from the heavy rain ?

Did we not read on this very website a few months back that the players handed back their wages after a game (some might say they could do this after every game, but no matter) as the club has such pressing financial difficulties? Imagine then,if you will, the additional pecniary burden that would be imposed on the club if they were to buy a new set of jerseys purely for the purposes of having a badge with Newry City on it. It'd be anarchy. As for the long-suffering support who went out and purchased those rather fetching Newry Town scarves in their droves(well,I know at least two people who have them), I'm sure they would like to know if the club is going to follow the lead of the Premiership rip-off merchants and introduce Newry City ones? Where's it all going to end. Were a name change to prove lucrative, what's to stop the club from changing their name every couple of seasons in order to prey on the poor townspeople/cityfolk? (delete where appropriate, depending on whether you vote SDLP or Sinn Féin) There are hundreds of names for the club to consider; Real Newry this season, Borussia Newry the next and I'm sure I'm not in the minority when I say that I look forward to the day when we can all stand on the terraces of the showgrounds to get behind the good old chaps playing their hearts out for Newry Alexandra. Or should we just keep the name "Town" and show the esatblishment what we think about the fact that our town was only considered to be as equally worthy of elevated status as a glorified suburb of Belfast? It's hardly a poser.
James Whitaker, Baile Cholmáin

Paul McStay, Newry

Newry a city - the queen can take city status and stick it up her jubilee. For hundreds of years the Irish have sold out their culture,young blood and economic independence by accepting 'status' from that monarchy. All those SDLP councillors who rushed to London with our Rates for 'status' are no better than those who sold out before them (Isaac Corry) 

I hope that Newry Town FC will remain so, and not become Newry City FC...which would be at the behest of a foreign British queen. 

Well wot can i say my prediction was right... Walters out and i can safely say its the beginning of the end for everton now!! Maybe we should get him down to the showgrounds to take over... Alfie would probably do a better job at goodison mind you. p.s. ed.. y not get a chatroom up and running here so us town fans can have a good oul' banter every day
The  Barcroft Babe
Ed. There is a chatroom click here although I don't know if there will be anyone in there. With financial help from McIvor Farrell Solicitors I will be revamping this site in the summer months so it should be much better next year. 

Not a word on football from Boo or Liam....what does that tell us? I know how easy it is to get excited, but boys, always cheque your spellings!
Jordi, Newtownabbey

the so called stewards of newry town are nothing short of a disgrace after saturday's antics with the cops.... isnt that right mr.boyd!!! we would be better off without that stewert boyd for he licked the cops backsides kevin ruddy,jonny lennon, anthony pentony, paul heatley were provoked and harrased by andrew and his chums and i call for him to step down as a stewart coz he should be looking after them boys at games like at the oval - say no more, also the boys should be reinstated to the showgrounds again and the cops should be disbanded from the home section of the ground as they are only provoking the youngsters for example the sectarian abuse they recieved going up the point road.
Boo, Free Barcroft

i feel that aidan mc grath AKA "SKILLS" should be given a fair crack of the whip at newry town. I personally feel that if newry give him a chance in the sweepers role at the town, that he may turn into the find of the season.Who knows maybe the next Franco Baresi.If this was to be the case then newry could sell dykes back to finn harps and pump the money into the club.I hope your listening Alfie P.S:Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cowboy Joe, Belfast

Liam McDonald, Newry

Jimmy, no, what I really meant was throw your money at the club and the team and allow them to build a squad which the town can be proud of. How can we be lifted out of the mire we are in now if people don't get behind the team?
Paul McConville, Newry Democrat
Ed. I would have to agree with you there Paul - Incidentally that £20 you pledged which we were going to give to the supporters club... ?

newry has a good website. Unfortunately that is the only good thing about the club P.S give the youngsters a chance.
Cowboy Joe, Belfast

Lets forget the political stuff and actually get down and support a squad thats trying hard. A good turnout against Glenavon now on to Saturday and a result. We can decide where the title goes.
Jordi, Newtownabbey

Don't listen to Eamon from Rostrevor, don't bother bringing your tricolours to the showgrounds. You can however bring all the BLUE & WHITE flags and scarves you wish because these are the ONLY colours of the club. Don't worry Eamon, you can get revenge but cheering on the team, and hopefully they can beat Glentoran, which would inflict a serious dent in their championship hopes and the victory would be sweet revenge for all of us who were subjected to the secteranism and abuse that day and also, we can take revenge for are early cup exit. If however people were to listen to individuals such as yourself then we would be meerly turning the Showgrounds into another secterian couldren like the Oval and Windsor Park. Think about it!!............Congrulations to the team on their recent results!! Keep it up lads and hopefully we can get a positive result against the Blues on Saturday..Enjoy it..cause we deserve it!!
Ronan McGrath, Newry

Idont like 2 take sectarianism into football but after terrible abuse by those Glentoran loyalist scumbags ithink the town fans should take their Tricolours to the next Glentoran-Newry match and batter them with them.We dont have to take this we get enough of it from the Brits.So keep up our Republican traditions and fight back.
Eamon, Rostrevor

we could have tried to get john gregory onboard to take over paul, but wot about louis van gaal of maybe kenny shields.. wheres he at anyway or if you ask young jonny lennon about it he would tell us walter smith will soon be on the rock and roll (dole)!!!!!!
charlie and the bhouys, Newry

Ronan McGrath (no relation) who R U refering 2, my ould man I suppose!, Oh and to those who say "Wylie Out!" I say 2 them **** OFF! Loyalty costs nothing, what do they expect the Gibson Cup Every Year!!
Aidan McGrath A.K.A Skills, Newry of course

With Glentorans game off I'd of thought that Coyle was watching Coleraine with a view to their game this weekend. He must of found it strange with the home team losing but the fans not attacking the referee and oppossing players as happens at some other grounds.
Jimmy, Newry

Did anyone read Paul McConville's article in the Democrat this week ? Is he really encouraging us to throw coins at players and officials ?
Nyuck, Newry

Well another "get Wylie out" campaign has started after a terrible result against Coleraine. An interesting question is who would replace him??
Paul, Belfast

its not the players that should be let go, theres only one change needs to be made at the jungle (showgrounds) I WANT WYLIE OUT, I WANT WYLIE OUT!!!!!!!
Bin Laden, Barcroft

Here, Here!! Three cheers for Aidan Mc Grath (A.K.A. Skills) P.S. are you referring to a certain Liverpool die hard????????
Ronan McGrath, Newry

Why not retaliate, why let them run over us when we go to the oval, when theres no cop escort?? why do they get an escort to and from the showgrounds?? Newry supporters have balls of steel ha ha ha!! Theres no point retaliating and maybe injuring innocent people but why not get the culprits who attacked our fans and just kick the life out of them?? its the best way
Jonny Newry (not the editor)

I no what you mean Aidan. I get slagged constantly about supporting Newry. I have even the nickname 'AJ Plumbing'.
Sean Newry

If there is one thing that really gets my back up is these people who say: "I dont go to newry town because there crap" well maybe if they went and spent their 5 quid (5 F++king quid)maybe the town would be able to afford better players and compete at the top. Oh no they would rather sit on their arses and listen to 5live, and they call themselves Newrymen!!!!! P.S. COME ON THE TOWN!!!!!!!
Aidan McGrath,  Newry

Newry are paying Armstrong's wages and flying him over every match and this is costing them much needed money. So why was he only sub on Saturday?? If they didn't want him to play why didn't they tell him not to come over?? I thought they were running cost-cutting exercises.
,Sean Newry

Hello Just a note if anyone is interested in setting up a Town Abroad Fan Club. You to could travel to those exotic places as Largs. If you are lucky you may here our managers words of wisdom "For f**ks sake will someone just shoot". If you are interested just let me know. Also does anyone know if there is a magical mystery tour planned for this summer or are we going to get into the Intertoto cup, after the great victory at Cliftonville.
Patrick Mulholland, London

I'm no fan of these bollixs who attacked Newry fans - but surely the sensible thing to do is stop going to the Oval - we are only handing our money over to these feckers. Then let them breeze in and out of Newry under heavy armed guard as long as they keep paying into the Showgrounds in their droves. Lets not forget that it is the home matches against the likes of Glentoran and Linfield that keep Newry above water !
Nyuck, Newry

I think it is time we gave the Glentoran scum a bit of revenge.i was in the bus when it was attacked and i'm gonna get revenge  
Big Egg, Newry

I am a student in Chester College and am playing in the same team as Jonny Black. He is by far the most skillful player I have ever seen. I believe he signed for you again at Christmas so when he comes back at Easter I advise you to give him a run out.
David Le Moel, Chester

In respose to the earlier correspondent, let's have no retaliation when Glentoran next visit the Showgrounds. The actions of a few idiots should not be held against the rest of the Glentoran fans, most of whom are decent people only interested in football. Two wrongs do not make a right. Well done to Alfie and the team for the victory over Cliftonville. Indeed well done to the Reserves for reaching the quarter final of the Intermediate Cup. Let's hope that they are rewarded with a home tie.
Anon, Newry

2-0 at solitude!!! not bad lads!!!! KEEP IT GOING  
jonny the stud, Afghanistan

i hope glentoran get battered when they come to newry they are scum and they deserve everything theey get. they are the scum of the earth and they can burn in the hell, my mate got beat up by them and its far from finished
Anonymous, newry

How totally predictable to read about Newry fans being attacked again at the Oval. I for one give the place a wide berth after recent years. Why should you have to worry about your car, or whether you’ll be stoned or otherwise attacked? I can’t comment on what happened on Saturday as I wasn’t there but I’ve seen enough to know what the place is like. Fair play to Roy McCreadie of Omagh to point this out in the press recently. Just compare the treatment of away supporters there to that afforded them at the Showgrounds where they are escorted in and out by the police in complete safety. Given the numbers involved this is probably as much for our benefit but just because we don’t bring as many to the Oval doesn’t mean we should have to put up with such intimidation. Of course not all Glentoran fans are scum and at times some of our fans have let us down as after the Crusaders cup tie a few years ago. However, stooping to their level is not the answer, demanding we get t! reated with respect and are able to feel comfortable watching our team play at their ground is. But will anything be done about this? Of course not.  
Jimmy, newry

the actions of the glentoran supporters on saturday was a total disgrace, and watching a youth get beaten was uncalled for. I feel that newry supporters should and will retaliate next time and, i hope the likes of those young lads give the glens their come uppance, coz their only bitter, scumbags and thats the 3rd time our fans have been attacked at the oval, i feel that if they can do it and get away with it then we can do it too!!!!! Hopefully we will do it for its what they deserve
janonymous, newry

let sugar island play in the social club, it has to be free for them to play there if they're gonna raise funds for our team
jonny, newry

its been a while since i have even inquired about Newry. i lost it all a few years when Joe went, gone are the good old days where there was a bit of craic, Europe,, what a few weeks that was. For all those real supporters who went to Zagreb and Duisberg.....fair play to you. i have to say the stand looks impressive, its a pity the ground wasnt up in the town, say like Jennings Park. I know the crowds still wouldnt be in the 10s of thousands but it would give all the dry day boys to get a run down. Anyway i could go on for ever and stir the shit, but sure football is not about that is it, its about boring old men with a wee cup of tea, grumbling about a game they never played before. well i am off to japan for the world cup......anyone wanna go bye
The Vulture, 'The' Town

Predictions for Saturday.....I say 2-1 to Newry.
sean, newry

If we play like that on Saturday like we did tonight Glentoran are going to tear us apart. That new lad isn't going to fill the striker role.
sean, newry

Johnny, Rivaldo may be out of the question, but a certain Mr Beckham is busy warming the bench at Old Trafford. He would be a good loan signing until the end of the season. Although he would have a tough job ousting Gareth Fulton or Paul Evans from the Town midfield.
Paul, Newry

We already have Ravenelli in our back row!!! (gavin Dykes look-a-like)
Paul, Belfast

Why don't Sugar Island play upstairs in Keenans on a Friday night. If they charge us for the room then we could have a raffle too, on the night, to cover the cost.
Ronan McGrath

the boys would just like to say thenx to the belfast boys and all involved in the drum fund, its appreciated by the wee lads. now they can really make a racket this season and especially portadown on friday nite. see you all there. P.s. do u think alfie could get rivaldo on loan till the end of the season??
jonny, Newry
Ed. This isn't me - it's a different jonny

Why not play it at the Showgrounds and they could sing in front of the stand!
Sean, Newry
Ed. Uu mmhh, a bit cold ?

Paul, Belfast

What a performance on Saturday!! The team put up a brilliant performance against the League Leaders and showed that despite current difficulties their spirits are high. Alfie would appear to have done a great job in keeping the team motivated. When you look at performances like Saturdays and previous encounters away from home to the likes of Linfield you can see the potential the team has. Its a shame that we have had so many draws this season because it doesn't reflect the true quality of the team. Keep up the good work Mr Wylie!
Paul, Belfast

Glentoran in the cup. What a nightmare!!!   Hopefully Casey is back for it.  
Sean, Newry

Todays performance was woeful. One of the worst I've seen Newry play. O'Connor, Downey, Ward should be ashamed of themselves. They're a disgrace to Newry Town FC for the way they played. I can't understand why Downey is getting on because it's clear that he's pure crap. 
Sean, Newry

Let's have a big turn out on Boxing Day to give Ards, Anderson and co a very, very warm welcome!!  
Newry til I die

What's the point in having a website if the information on there isn't up to date. I flew home for the weekend just gone and was looking forward to going to the match which appeared in the fixtures list for Saturday. How disappointed was I when I found out that the match had actually been played on Friday night. Please keep the site up to date.
Lisa Edney, London
Ed. I'll reiterate my point that I get no assistance at all from the club in preparing this website and barely have the time to update the news, results and table nevermind last minute amendments to the fixture list - Sorry. Things may get better in the new year if I get time to re-design the site using PHP or ASP but funds are always short !

I heard that the latest is all the players are up for sale. Why is Lee up for sale. I wouldn't imagine he'd be on much money and he's our best player. Hopefully we can get a high sum for Casey.
sean, Newry

I have been told about your web site by a friend and would like to say how professional it is compared to all the other Irish League teams efforts. The supporters of Newry Town seem to be very loyal to their team even through these hard times. Where else would you get a "drum fund"??? I hope you get the success you deserve!!!
David, Belfast

Did we get any money for Morrow?
sean, Newry
Ed. I presume so since he would still have been under contract but I don't know any details

Would 40 quid not be enough for a drum?
sean, Newry
Ed. I'm going to check the music shops in Belfast on Monday - so I don't even know yet ?

Full marks to the players who handed back their wages last week. Given the names mentioned some of them are not a surprise. Top men. Lets show our appreciation by getting behind the team on Friday against Glenavon.
Jimmy, Newry

Whilst we are all in the festive mood, may I pledge £20 on behalf of the Newry Democrat to the Town's drum fund. That would bring the total to £40 if I'm not mistaken. Where should I send the money to? If we are really quick about we can have the skin beating by the time Mr Anderson brings his team of Town rejects to the Showgrounds on Boxing Day. Now wouldn't that be nice!!!!
Paul, Newry
Ed. If you trust me with your money jonny mccullagh 34 Killeavy Road, Newry - Any advances on £40 ?

I would just like to show my gratitude for the players and staff who handed back their wages last week. Personally I thought only four players deserved their wages that day but credit must go to them none the less. This gesture of good will got me thinking and I have come up with the following proposal to you the fans. What is £5 worth in todays world? 
(1) A packet of cigarettes 
(2) 2 pints (in a good bar, give or take 30p) 
(3) A take away 
(4) A bet in the bookies 
(5) A taxi fare 
Any way how many supporters consider Newry Town Football Club as their hobby? I do, well one of them. If your hobby was fishing how much would you spend on it a week? or golf for that matter? Any way what I'm getting at is, What a scheme was introduced where fans would give £5 a week to the club. This £5 could be donated by buying 5 lotto tickets, or 5 half and half draw tickets, or it could simply be donated to the cause. Carnbane League teams, charge up to £3 subs a week to some of their members, and their don't pay their players or have the overheads that NTFC have each week. If this scheme was made possible then we could pay for an extra player or two to be brought in or for new developments to take place around the ground. The fundamental fact is that there is a lot of supporters who class themselves as great 'Newry Town Stalwarts',...but when the reality bites and the main issue at the club raises its head, I'm talking finance these individuals don't want to know and so t! he weight of the burden is past on once again to familiar shoulders where it is always taken care of. You know the shoulders which I'm talking about, but how long will these shoulders take this burden? We can't rely on these 'shoulders' forever, therefore it is up to us all now, and when I say all I mean all genuine Newry Town Football Club Supporters, you know who you are the ones that never miss a mach, lets face we all know who we are, its not as if there's thousands of us! So there it is, my idea, a proposal which will undoubtedly be criticised and scorned by quite a few 'Stalwarts', like many proposals have been in the past where 'putting your hand in your pocket' has been mentioned. We need to act now in order to survive in the league next season, which will be undoubtedly be much more competitive than previous years. The players have done their bit last week now its our turn!! This is a serious proposal and I will take full responsibility of administering it if the will is there, but the will needs to be there. Think about it!!! I would ask anyone who agrees with my proposal, or wants to put any of their own ideas to me or would help me to promote this proposal to please contact me on this site or at Thank you for taking the time to read this and please support the team you love. Yours Ronan Mc Grath

Paul, may I suggest you tap Robbie, Raymie Byrne and Dykesy for some cash as they are currently in a giving mood having handed back their wages. They were also joined by Seamy Kane and Lee Anderson. Now something strikes me about this. Apart from Gavin Dykes, they are all local lads. Also with the exception of Dykes and Anderson, the other three are injured/recovering from injury. But the most glaring point is that none of them could ever have been accused of not giving 100 per cent for the Town. It speaks volumes that the players who pour their guts out for the Town are willing to make self sacrifices for the club as well. If we had a whole team of men like that, we might not be in the situtation we are in now.  
Paul McConville, Newry

£20 on its way to you today!! maybe stephen could send a donation too, after all it would be a bit of a moral booster for the supporters club!! if others send in enough money what about a presentation??? it may be an excuse for a drink and a bit of craic!! keep up the good work on the site!!
Paul, Belfast
Ed. I'll check a music shop tomorrow !

I am serious about the drum for those wee lads. Where should i send the money? We could even get them a trumpet but i think we should wait and see how musical they are first!!!!
Paul, Belfast
Ed. Right send money to me cause I'm really trustworthy - jonny mccullagh, 34 Killeavy Road, Newry and we'll see if we can get enough for a bodhran, a snare or a lambeg - if anyone wants an advert on this site I'll throw that in too ! :-)

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