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Craic an Iúir

The service that puts the craic into the Town - Chat in Real Time to anyone else, anywhere in the world, about anything!

EVENTS: Meet here every Sunday at 6.00pm GMT for Newry Chat / Craic An tIur
Clicking on the link you followed opened a new window which will be your chat window. If a chat window has not opened automatically then click here. Give yourself a login name and start chatting. Meanwhile you can continue surfing !

As this service is new and there may not be someone in the chat room when you call you can leave your email address on this page so that like-minded Newry folk from around the world can email each other to arrange times to meet in the chat room. Just fill in your email address below and I'll put it onto this page in due course.

Your Email:

Below are listed the emails of people who would like to get this worldwide Newry Chat going. Give people on this list a shout and together everyone can decide the best times to meet up. If abuses occur I'll have to remove this service altogether:







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